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Mountains speedpaint by TwinAlchemist

Finally put this on dA

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One of my favorite cosplays we saw at PAX was this Yuna. Her staff was so well made (and heavy!) and her entire costume was beautiful. She had blue and green eyes, too!

Yuna || blezon

Huuu~ Thank you!! <3 Seriously too much praise! *^////^*

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PAXEast Saturday! 

Eee! Was a blast! Even though we (my twin and I) had a rough start… totally forgot our tickets and ended up having to pay for them again. @A@;; 

Anyway! I saw so many friends and met awesome people! Was my mission to find at least one Tidus and it was a success! Tehehe, he made me do the awkward laugh! xD Can see a video on my Instagram or Facebook!

That Auron was super awesome too! :3

Huge thank you to my twin for being so patient through out the day and helping me carry all my things. <3 LOVE YOU~

I can’t wait to have a proper photoshoot with this cosplay. It was so much work but so very satisfying as it was my first dream cosplay. Finally can check it off my list. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Woohoo~

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Yuna update IV~ [COMPLETE]

Sorry for the lack of updates on this! Was super busy finishing Yuna for PAXEast this weekend. ^^; I WAS SUCCESSFUL THOUGH! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ It nearly killed me but I survived! Here are the last WIP photos. I will be posting more on my Facebook page soon~

  • Painting that obi took over 4 hours @A@; And then another 3+ to put it all together. Hand sewed most of it because the interfacing and design wouldn’t fit in the machine. Also wanted to get the folds as accurate as possible. ^^; It snaps on in the back.
  • The flower thing for the obi was cut out of a random piece of wood my Dad had and then sanded like crazy to get the thickness close enough. Then painted by hand which alone took an hour. ^^;
  • OMG AND THE SKIRT ALSDKJALKDFJ gah! I ended up making it twice because I first measured wrong and didn’t cut enough fabric, then made the skirt and the pleats were wrong… so had to undo all the stitching and redo pleats… OTL But came out satisfactory and held up quite nicely in the end! Don’t ask how long that took… You can see videos of both skirts on my Instagram.
  • Painting the skirt wasn’t so bad, other than figuring out the flower pattern because actually it’s on there twice. Once with the pleats closed then underneath the pleats. Took about 4 hours as well. 
  • Staff painting took about two days because first painted the blue the wrong color… and then stuck to the cardboard and got messed up. So painted again and then hand panted the red / gold. I did add the silver top piece with model magic and painted it.
  • Styled wig with the help of my wonderful older sister! She loves playing with hair and she really helped with the layers/angles. <3
  • Also made necklace which I don’t have a close up of but did a test run the night before the con and took a few photos. ^^;

Well that’s it! Next post will have the whole cosplay together! :D

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Yuna update III~

Working hard!! ‘.’)9

  • Obi beads done! 
  • Sleeves completed! (tiny straps were a pain and having the rope taper off to fit the beads… @A@;;)
  • Obi/bow was… ugh the pattern was quite a feat and it took a couple days to get it to my liking ^^;; But I think I got it! Now have to paint on embroideries and put it all together.
  • OMG my contacts came in from Alice and Rabbit’s Shop and they’re so lovely!! *o*
  • And then my Dad is like the best Dad ever!! Spent Sunday making the most beautiful staff. Now just need to make the details and paint!

Still have quite a few more things to finish up, like her top wrap piece, flower obi thing, necklace, style wig oh and make her skirt! … but it’s coming along! :D

Until next time~ 

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Yuna update II~

Top wrap is pretty much finished (still have to sew into place so it doesn’t move… and finish ends) Sleeves are sewed and dyed (have to hand sew tiny white straps for the ties to go into). Arm ties and waist ties are dyed. AND EARRING IS DONE! 

Now the hard parts… obi and skirt. (ง •̀_•́)ง I CAN DO THIS

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Finished the earring a few days ago!! *\(^o^)/* 

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Did some test footage a while back of my White Cloak during a storm. Thought I’d share to make the snow everyone has been having a bit more enjoyable. ^^

Oooh! Almost forgot I submitted this to journeystories! Haha yay! *\(^o^)/* thank you so much for posting it~

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Yuna update~

Got all the fabric I need (hopefully)! And finished painting the main part of her earring. Ended up remaking it with extra light stuff so my ear wouldn’t fall off. XD

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Sketches from my Instagram~

Maybe I doodle too much at work…naah