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SnK vs Penguin 

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Al loves cats  

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Still not over it o(╥﹏╥)o

quick sketch of what I think should have happened, like uuuugghhh 

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Lyaira Fae concept 1

Bow and Magick wielder. She’s one of the Fae chosen to guard the Cursed. From a story I starting in college and I’ve been think of actually sketching and developing the characters. Woohoo~ o(^▽^)o We’ll see how far I get ^^;; 

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You guys are amazing!! I’ve gotten so many wonderful comments and I love the tags from the Sending shots. Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who was blown away! 

Here is a before and after picture from one of the Yuna Sending shots. (*¬*) I just can’t get over how talented BHP is <3

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Hello my lovelies!

I see some new followers!


So, welcome to my blog!


Enjoy your stay and I hope we’ll be good friends!


ALSO, question for you all! I have a fandom blog Twin-Alchemist which is kind of my internet name. Should I keep this blog (blezon) strictly for art and cosplay or should I combine them and reblog cool things and change name?? Your thoughts would be very helpful. :D

Remember, I love you guys, you’re awesome!


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\(*T▽T*)/ I’m just about crying, these came out so amazing!!!

I was scrolling fb before checking my email and BHP posted one and I seriously thought it was a screenshot. <3 

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Portrait 3 ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

I love this one because you can see my whole earring! Which was one of my favorite parts to make~  

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Yuna • TwinAlchemist (me)

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Hi, Brit! I just wanted you to know that your Yuna cosplay is gorgeous. Have a good day! ♥

Hi Mel! Can I call you Mel? My twin’s name is Melanie hehe 

Eee! Thank you!! (*´▽`*) It means so much for me to hear that! <3

I hope you have a wonderful day too~